Heathlake Community Association, Inc.
Board of Directors Meeting
March 24, 2021

Attending: Stephen Read, Mary Puccini, David Oliphant and Per Voie

The meeting opened with presentations by residents addressing the issue of community cats, mostly in response to the board’s earlier decision to have ‘community cats removed from the grounds. These animals have been spayed or neutered, and been provided food and shelter for the last 10 or so years.

The Board commenced its meeting thereafter.

Reading of the minutes from the previous meeting was waived.

An email vote concerning the Directors and Officers Renewal of Insurance Policy to approve the premium was taken and agreed to on March 21.

Jason Miller, HOA president, had the day prior to the meeting informed the board he had to resign from the board. The board proceeded to review the Board positions and elected to fill the positions as follows: David Oliphant, President; Stephen Read, Vice-President; Per Voie, Treasurer; Mary Puccini, Secretary. John Trahan, who was on the December 2020 ballot for a board position would be asked to join as Director. Mary will fulfill Jason’s term (12/22) and John will fulfill Hector’s term (12/21).

The board decided to maintain the decision from its meeting in January to have the cats
‘residing’ at the community clubhouse ground relocated and to stop feeding cats at the

Stephen recommended proactive maintenance and repair to the clubhouse, pools, fencing and grounds. He proposed that an HOA committee member can make a request to their board liaison to make a repair. That HOA liaison can approve that request of $500 or less without consulting the board. The board agreed with this approach to smaller maintenance and repairs issues.

A homeowner requested the association repair his fence that is shared with the clubhouse grounds. We will ask that he pay 50% of the cost of repairs. Stephen will also walk the grounds to see if other areas of the fence need repairs.

Per reported that 14 HOs have not paid their association fees for 2021, which is two to three times the usual number at this time of the year. Per will instruct Graham Management to proceed with the collection process, to start with a ‘friendly telephone reminder. Once all fees are collected, we will have about $380,000 in our account. So far, spending is in line with budget, but the landscaping line item will need more money due to the freeze. The island on the cut-de-sac on the west end of Maple Rock is now ready for landscaping. The board was advised that a water pipe had been placed under the newly paved street in order to allow a water supply for a new sprinkler system that can be installed at the island.

Mary presented information on two options for the upgrade of our website, one by the current webmaster, Houston PC Pro and another by Prepared Publications, Inc. The board decided to go with the template version 6 of Digital Front Porch available from our current webmaster solely based on price. We have a contract with this provider until October, 31, 2021. We can consider the next few months as a trial period.

The following is an update of the board liaisons and committee members:

ACC/Deed Restriction: (Mary Puccini) Fred Graves, James Healey, Tarit Chaudhuri, Eric Nagel

Clubhouse: (Stephen Read) Kathy Clark, Rosie Graves

Directory: (Mary Puccini) Rosie Graves

Events: (Mary Puccini) Eric Heflin

Ladies Social Club: Carolyn Castelblanco

Landscaping/Irrigation: (David Oliphant) Becky Ayers

Newsletter: (Mary Puccini) May Gourlay, Rosie Graves

Playground: (Stephen Read) Sarah Read

Pool: (Stephen Read) Veronica Gartner

Security Liaison: (David Oliphant) David Hannah, Jr.

Tennis: (Stephen Read) John Trahan, Frank Del Nogel

Yard of the Month: (Mary Puccini) Marilyn Beal, Laura Leib

Briar Forest Super Neighborhood: (Mary Puccini) Rosie Graves

Men’s Club: (Liasion Needed) Eric Heflin

Mary reported to the board about her meeting with the ACC. Two members were vocal about not wanting to be included on the mail outs from Graham that report on DRVs generated from the monthly drives through the neighborhood. The ACC agreed Graham should take recommendations from the HOA board about how to proceed with DRVs so that it does not become a personal issue between neighbors and ACC members.

Mary suggested that in lieu of the neighborhood BBQ that was poorly attended and eventually discontinued, Heathlake could have cul-de-sac parties of more intimate groups. The HOA could spend the usual $3000 on providing, for example, 3000 chicken fingers from Caines to be divided and distributed among each small gathering. The board liked the idea. Mary will contact Eric Heflin for input.

The Board agreed that the clubhouse shall again be open for rental.

The board members will find a solution to the continuous cleaning of the clubhouse and the two outdoor bathrooms following the resignation of the person having this job.