Board Meeting Minutes – July 14, 2021

Heathlake HOA Board Meeting Minutes

The Board of Directors (BOD) met at 5:00 pm for executive session to make decisions on deed restriction violations, a lawsuit, and a waiver of interest, administration and late fees for a homeowner (HO).  The meeting began at 6 pm with roughly 44 homeowners (HOs) attending as well as:

Stephen Read, president
Sara Mammadova, vice president
Per Voie, treasurer
Mary Puccini, secretary
John Trahan, director

Before the meeting began, Mrs. Rosie Graves was honored for receiving the District G Greatness Award for her decades of service to the Heathlake community.

The board continued with general business. (HOs were welcome to listen to this portion of the meeting).

1. The BOD had previously approved the following using the slack polling tool:

  1. Approve May 5 meeting minutes and post on website on May 15, 2021
  2. Approve Stephen Read as President, Sara Mammadova as new board member taking the position of Vice President approved on June 16, 2021
  3. Approve installing WiFi in the clubhouse on June 7, 2021
  4. Approve irrigation upgrade to smart controllers, fixing leaks, setting schedules, and optimizing current sprinkler zones and heads on June 7, 2021
  5. Approve sandblasting, repairing and replacing of the pool tiles to improve safety, seal leaks and help pass future inspections on July 3.
  6. Approve repair of a wooden fence between the clubhouse grounds and private HO property on July 5.

Agenda items:  

  • Budget updates–Per Voie reported that there is a $5K to $6K expected surplus by the end of 2021. Operating expenses hover around $200K, total assets equal $310K and reserves around $100K. Our annual assessment is $700.
  • AirBnB bylaws update—Kathy Clark reported that representatives from each neighborhood–Heathwood, Woods of Lakeside and Riverview Forest—including a lawyer and a realtor among the HOs, have created a draft that was sent to our HOA lawyers, Holt and Young, PC. A second meeting of that committee will meet on July 21, 2021. The final draft will be sent to the board for signatures before consideration by the HOs. Other deed restrictions will be considered separately from the AirBnB, really “short term lease,” issue.
  • Garbage contract—Per Voie reported that the quality of service from Texas Pride has deteriorated. Per Voie and Juan Castelblanco are interviewing other trash collection companies but our options are limited. There is currently a labor shortage of experienced crews.
  • Maintenance updates–Stephen Read repeated the results of the slack poll to approve sandblasting, repairing and replacing of the pool tiles to improve safety and seal leaks. Wood chips were added to the playground. Southern Pools is our new pool contractor for cleaning. Fred Maxwell is our volunteer HOA handyman. 
  • Landscaping, including esplanade, updates and Sprinkler update—John Trahan said Davey landscaping service has been disappointing. They have shown some improvement lately, but continued good service is questionable. Perhaps the contract bid was too low for the service we expect.
  • Irrigation at the cul de sacs—Carlton Jones gave a comprehensive presentation on the cost and procedure of supplying water and a sprinkler system to the cul de sacs that do not have them. This process involves permits, city certified contractors, approved plants, meters, etc. The cost would run between $40K and $45K. Carlton volunteered to be the project manager if the project went forward. Carlton suggested it would increase property values and attract new buyers in a similar way the playground upgrade did. An alternative to water-dependent plants would be to put in dry scaping. Not many landscaping companies offer dry scaping options.
  • Website launch and email updates—Eric Heflin and Mary Puccini discussed some features that would be new to our current website. Launch date is to be determined. Photos of the neighborhood and its activities are requested for the homepage slider. The state of our current entrances is not picture-worthy. The official HOA BOD email list is incomplete. A merging of those who registered at, along with emails collected by Graham Management represent about two thirds of our community. A color-coded neighborhood map was passed around so HOs could identify which neighbors to remind to sign up. A complete list of HO emails, at least one per house, is ideal to conduct embedded email surveys.   
  • Events—
    • Food trucks—Patty Campo suggested our community contract a food truck to park in the clubhouse parking lot perhaps one evening a month. Most food trucks require a guarantee of a $500 minimum of sales. The idea was positively received and the board will vote on approving a guarantee of the minimum for the first evening.
    • Book Club—Laura Leib volunteered to lead a neighborhood book club. Eric will send out an email invitation and forward names of those interested to Laura. The club would welcome men, women, couples and singles.
    • Block parties—There was no time for Mary Puccini to cover this issue.
    • Ladies Social Club–Carolyn Castelblanco invited all women to attend the wine tasting event on July 15 at 7 pm in the clubhouse.
    • Men’s Group—Eric Heflin invited the men in the neighborhood to attend their monthly events.
  • Update on peafowl survey—Mary Puccini reviewed the peafowl survey that was copied and printed on the back of the evening’s agenda. She stated that mathematically it was better to amend the survey from the original three option choices to simply “keep all” and “relocate all” so that there would be a clear majority result. The board will use the feedback of the survey in making a decision on peafowl. Some HOs had requested a simple two choice survey, others wanted a third option of relocate some. Some HOs wanted a clean survey, others wanted to attach informational files. A couple residing in Heathwood volunteered to man the clubhouse on two consecutive Saturdays for a manual turn in of the survey. Ultimately, the board decided on a clean, two option response survey that would be done as an embedded email. It is essential that all HOs register their emails at Some HOs maintained that they did not receive the flyer with directions on sign up that Mary Puccini or Eric Heflin placed in their mailboxes on Saturday, June 12, 2021.
  • The open forum for homeowner issues moderated by the board followed. Each HO who contacted the secretary at: no later than July 12 was granted three uninterrupted minutes to address the board and their neighbors. The board was not always afforded the same respect of uninterrupted time to speak during the agenda portion of the meeting. No profanity will be permitted at future BOD meetings. All of the presenters requested time to speak about peafowl. Not all conformed to this topic.

The meeting was over around 8:30 pm.

Wednesday, July 14 at 6 pm at the Clubhouse