Oh No, Not More Construction…… Wait, What, Heathlake is The Beneficiary?

We are excited to announce Heathlake’s very own Crystal and Carriage Hill streets were selected by City of Houston Council Member Greg Travis for the Mayor’s Street Rehab Program!! Each District can select up to 2 lane miles of residential streets each fiscal year and Heathlake was Greg Travis’s 2022 selection! We will learn more details as this develops, but it appears we will be receiving a new street in the years to come.

This would not have happened without our selfless neighbors working together to improve our community. We’d like to give a big shout out to Carlton Jones, Susie Trahan, John Trahan, Kathy Clark, Kathleen Shelton, Greg Travis and each of you who filed a 311 report.

This will bring our 2022 street improvement initiative (if we want to give our volunteers hard work a formal name) up to 3 new patches, 1 curb replacement, and 2 road replacements at $0 additional cost to Heathlake.