Announcement: Board Meeting January 17, 2022 7:00pm

The Heathlake HOA will have its first board meeting of 2022 this coming Monday, January 17 at 7:00pm at the Clubhouse.

Please see the proposed agenda below.



JANUARY 17, 2022

  1.  Call Meeting to Order – Appoint Meeting Chair
  1. Reading and Approval of Previous Board Minutes
    1. September 22, 2021 General Meeting Minutes
      1. Consider proposed Correction to Minutes
    2. December 1, 2021 Special Board Meeting
  1. Reports of Board Actions Between Meetings
    1. December 3 2021 Slack Vote-Unanimous approval: to repair the outdoor gate by the playground with SecureKey lock. The quoted cost is $595.46.  If we upgrade to a WiFi based system in the future, these repairs are compatible. GIM are the original installers of the SecureKey system were the only ones who could fix the lock that were found.
    2. December 5 2021 Email Vote – Unanimous approval: to decline Members request to call Attorney Dylan Beason at Holt and Young during deed restriction committee meeting regarding interpretation of Bylaws related to recent dues increase
    3. December 24 2021 Slack Vote – Unanimous approval; of annual property insurance payment in the amount of $6,484 to Higgenbotham Insurance.  A comprehensive review of all insurance is planned for 1Q22.
  2. Executive Session Summary
    1. ACC Fence Replacement Appeal
    2. Legal Matters
  3. Election of Board Officers
    1. Nominations and vote for President
    2. Nominations and vote for Vice President
    3. Nominations and vote for Treasurer
    4. Nominations and vote for Secretary
  4. Committee Reports/Updates
    1. ACC – Fred Graves
    2. Deed Restriction & Bylaws – Bruce Nelson
    3. Security – Constable Update – Sara Mammadova
  5. New Business
    1. Motion to Adopt Roberts Rules of Order for conduct of all Board and Member Meetings
    2. Review of Board Member Eligibility
    3. Board Liaison Discussion
    4. Motion to seek legal counsel to affirm that recent dues increase of 10% is not in violation of Deed Restriction provisions
    5. Motion to approve DRC vote solicitation plan including electronic voting, specific tab on website and email solicitation
    6. Motion to set first quarter meeting dates to be February 23rd and March 30th at 6:00 pm at the Clubhouse
    7. Motion to post Agenda on HCA website at least 24 hours before meeting
  6. Announcements/Updates
    1. Bridge Extension Construction – Men’s Club Work Update
    2. Social Club Updates
  7. Motion to Adjourn