HOA Governance Improvements

In response to learning Heathlake was not operating under an approved federal non-profit exemption in 2021 and 8 homes HOA rights being challenged by a board member in the January 2022 meeting, we have been working diligently to improve Heathlakes legal and operating status and to clarify our community members rights.

In the past quarter the board submitted a 1024-A recognition for tax exemption and in the process approved a new ACC Appointment Policy, Board Member Conflict of Interest Policy, and Additional Legislative Polices. The actual policies are below for reference and are available on our governing documents web page.

While researching the challenge to a board member’s eligibility to serve and the associated rights of 8 homes in our community, the Heathlake Community Association’s Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions was found. The document states the 8 homes of which were being challenged ARE part of the Heathlake Community Association and the members have a right to vote, serve and be a part of our community. The document is attached below and has been added to the Heathlake’s governing documents web page.

Governance Improvements:

  • Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions – Heathlake Community Association
  • ACC Appointment Policy
  • Board Member Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Additional Legislative Polices