INFO: Carriage Hill/Crystal Hills Road Rehab

Late last year Greg Travis selected Heathlake as District G’s recipient for the Mayor’s Street Rehab project.  This is very exciting as we’ll come out of this with much smoother driving conditions along our entry/exit roads.  The project will involve concrete panel replacements and repairs along Carriage Hill/Crystal Hills. 

Work begins 8/15 and is expected to take 90 days.  The board will be informing residents of details as soon as we get them and providing periodic updates, but also keep an eye out for informational flyers in the mailbox.

While we’re very excited to have this consequential award and look forward to smoother driving conditions, in the short term we will have street construction/noise/dust/heavy trucks in the neighborhood.  We ask for your patience as Heathlake is improved.  Thank you!

Contributed by Kathy Clark