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September Heathlake Ladies Nights – 9/21/23

Mark your calendars for our September Heathlake Ladies Night on Thursday, September 21st starting at 7pm at our community Clubhouse: 12010 Carriage Hill Dr. Come join us as we socialize and get to know about each other. BYOB and if you wish to bring a snack to share, feel free, but no pressure.

Heathlake Ladies Night – 8/17/23

Mark your calendars for our August Heathlake Ladies Night on Thursday, August 17th starting at 7pm at our community Clubhouse: 12010 Carriage Hill Dr. Come join us as we socialize and share about our summer adventures. BYOB and if you wish to bring a snack to share, feel free, but no pressure.

Look out for community improvements soon!

We are planning a Kirkwood entrance refresh, a new roof for the clubhouse, and fencing work around clubhouse grounds in the fall. These have been in the budget but it has taken some time to get quotes and choose vendors. We are planning these once the heat breaks and the use of the pool declines. We will notify you of the dates work will be done as those are finalized.

Heathlake Ladies – No July Meeting

Please note that the Heathlake Ladies Group will not be meeting in July. We wish everyone a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you in August.

June Ladies Night – June 15th

Mark you calendars for Heathlake Ladies Night on Thursday, June 15th at the Clubhouse, starting at 7pm. We will be reviving our BUNCO game fun! YOU DON’T HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO PLAY 🙂 We will teach you and it’s honestly as easy as rolling dice!! Come join us and get to know fellow women in the neighborhood. BYOB and if you wish to bring a snack to share, feel free, but no pressure.

June Book Club Meeting

The next meeting of the Heathlake book club will be on Wednesday, June 14 at 7 pm.

We will meet at BLUE WILLOW BOOK STORE at 14532 Memorial Drive at Dairy Ashford .

We will discuss the book, Lessons in Chemistry, by Bonnie Garmus.

Join us for a special evening at the bookstore!

The Pool Party was a Blast!

We held our 3rd annual pool party this past weekend. It was a blast. We had more attendees than every. In fact, the pool and picnic areas were packed. We had plenty of food — grilling ~ 10 burgers and 24 hot dogs with sides. We had waters, sodas, juice. We had an adult bar with music on the deck. We also ate all the sno cones off the truck. Coincidentally, there were at least 3 new families that came to swim while the party was going on. What perfect timing to meet all their new neighbors.

Thank you to Matt Clark for the excellent music as always.

Thank you do Kim Nordin for grilling for ~ 3.5 hours straight.

Thank you to Sarah Read for advertising the event and coordinating food donations (and introducing us to the lifeguards we use each year).

Thank you to Debbie Wright and Arash Asgharian for the adult bar.

Thank you to Don Brennan and Bruce Nelson for sponsoring the sno cone truck along with me.

Thank you to all those who brought food to share, helped set up, and helped clean up. (David and Taiya Oliphant, Sarah Read, Stephen Read, Bryan Keefe, Kim Nordin, my children (against their will), Carolyn and Juan Castelblanco, Yadir Mafla, Erin Lorber, and others).

Until next year! Evelyn Nordin

If you had a great time or just wish to help the next party monetarily, you can donate at the following link. These funds will be tracked and used for community wide social events.

Click PayPal.Me/heathlakeclubhouse or use the QR code below for the Heathlake paypal account.

Heathlake & Home Security

At the beginning of this vacation season and as a helpful reminder, we want to share some ways we can all help each other protect ourselves and our property.

Heathlake Security Incidents – Year-to-Date 2023 (as of May 31, 2023)
We have experienced two incidents of mailbox theft, one report of someone rattling a door, and a recent report of a home burglary while a resident was away.  Last year, we heard of a few car break-ins (many of which had unlocked doors, but still not ok).

While these incidents are quite minor, relatively speaking for a large metropolitan area, we would like to strive for zero and definitely understand that when it happens to you, it’s a very big deal.

The components of a security program in order of the line of defense are:
1.  Deterrent (visible presence of resident activity or a security program, no matter the type)
2.  Prevention and Access Management (secured valuables as well as locked and secured points of entry with control over who has access)
3.  Detection Mechanisms (motion lighting, phone notification of movement, alarm system)
4.  Incident Response (the actions to take if an incident is occurring or has occurred)

Efforts spent in the earlier lines of defense are directly related to a reduction in incidents and the need for incident response efforts.  It is far less expensive to invest in deterrent and prevention measures than it is to experience a burglary.  Still, incidents still do happen, and so all components must be addressed.

What Heathlake does as a Community

1.  Deterrents:    Heathlake deploys visible traffic cameras at entrances (flock cameras) and has hired State Patrol for an active monitoring and visible presence in the neighborhood, which can be seen at all hours minimally 20 hours per week.  State Patrol also spends extra time at homes where residents are vacationing if they are notified (vacation watch – vacation.watch@statepatrolservices.com).  The HOA is also planning to place more visible signage regarding security at entrances. 

2.  Prevention and Access Management:   Heathlake uses electronic access controls for entry points into grounds and the clubhouse.  No valuable items are kept in view in any common areas.  The clubhouse manager is notified anytime a person enters the clubhouse.   Additionally, State Patrol has a list of “concerning vehicles” and will question any car or suspicious person on that list if they encounter them during patrol.

3.  Detection Mechanisms:   Due to not having any valuable items in the clubhouse and the expansive nature of the common grounds, Heathlake does not have an active alarm system other than notifications from the controlled entrances.

4.  Incident Response:  Again, State Patrol does look for suspicious vehicles and persons.  However, in the event of an incident, residents must call 911 (for emergencies) or HPD and the Constable.  Once those calls are placed, a call can also be placed to State Patrol.  If they are close to the neighborhood, they will respond very quickly.  

State Patrol is Heathlake’s security deterrent, prevention, and in some cases detection.  But once an incident occurs, the matter must be brought to the police first and then to State Patrol.

What Residents Can Do as Individuals

1.  Deterrents:    Install a doorbell camera, motion lights, and security signage

2.  Prevention and Access Management:   Consider smart locks so that you know when and who accesses your property; install simple lamp/light timers so it seems as if someone is home (when away); turn on a radio speaker so that sounds inside the home are heard (when away)

3.  Detection Mechanisms:   Consider a security system (monitored or not) that will make noise upon entry; use smart devices for cameras/motion so that you receive phone notifications of activity

4.  Incident Response:  Follow the steps below.  When you hear of an incident, check your cameras to see if you recorded anything that may be helpful to a neighbor

What to do when there is an incident

  1. Emergency? Call 911
  2. HPD 713-884-3131
  3. Constable 281-463-6666
  4. State Patrol 346-441-1989
  5. Then, reach out to your neighbors and anyone on the HOA board (Board of Directors – Heathlake)  or security@heathlake.org (which goes to Don Brennan, HOA board liaise for security matters)

The Security Team, State Patrol, and your neighbors can collect camera data to better piece the incident together. It’s a group effort!

Please remember our pool party on June 3!

The Heathlake pool party is June 3 at 4:00. This is a free event. All are welcome. If you have your grandchildren with you that weekend, please bring them along. It’ll be a fun time. There will be food, drinks, music, and swimming (optional 🙂 ). If you wish to help out with the food, drinks, set-up or clean-up please click the link below to sign up.


May Heathlake Ladies Night – May 18th, 7PM

Mark your calendars for our May Heathlake Ladies Night on Thursday, May 18th starting at 7pm. Taya will be hosting at our community Clubhouse: 12010 Carriage Hill Dr. Come join us and get to know fellow women in the neighborhood. BYOB and if you wish to bring a snack to share, feel free, but no pressure.

Our theme for this month is:

Spring Cleaning Goods Swap!

If you have been doing some spring cleaning the last couple months, we welcome you to bring any gently used, like new items to participate in a goods swap with the other ladies. Bring your items (home goods, décor, accessories, clothes, etc) and shop the items that others bring. We ask the all items are in excellent, like new or new condition to ensure optimal shopping for all. Items left at the end of the the night can be taken back home or grouped together for donation. As always participation is optional and we will still be doing are usual socializing and mingling!

Card Key Access to Clubhouse grounds

Hi Heathlake. Valentina Lares has taken over the card key administration process from Chelsea Ewton. Thank you to Chelsea for managing this for so long! And thank you to Valentina for taking the reins.

If you need card access to the grounds/pool, please reach out to Valentina Lares at valentinalares@gmail.com or 919-597-8840 (text or Whatsapp).

Book Club Meeting Schedule

April Ladies Nights – Thursday, April 20th

Mark your calendars for our April Heathlake Ladies Night on Thursday, April 20th starting at 7pm. Debbie has graciously offered to host this month at her house: 1310 Kent Oak Dr. Come join us and get to know fellow women in the neighborhood. Some treats from Phoenicia will be provided!  BYOB and if you wish to bring a snack to share, feel free, but no pressure.

Our theme for this month is:

Favorite Things – Neighborhood Edition

Lets welcome the newest families by introducing them to our favorite things in the area! Restaurants, service providers, family fun spots, dog parks, date night locations, etc…Bring some ideas to share and/or be ready to make your new local bucket list.

March Ladies Night – March 23rd

Mark you calendars for Heathlake Ladies Night on Thursday, March 23rd at the Clubhouse, starting at 7pm. Come join us and get to know fellow women in the neighborhood. BYOB and if you wish to bring a snack to share, feel free, but no pressure.

March Book Club Meeting

ACC Committee Nominations

Calling for nominations for the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).  The HOA board will appoint the ACC committee members from that candidate list at the next board meeting, which is March 22, 2023.

The ACC Committee is a vital role to our community.  The ACC committee works independently from the HOA board in that no board member (nor board member’s spouse) may serve on the ACC committee.  ACC members review and approve any architectural construction/  improvement plans submitted by homeowners to ensure compliance with deed restrictions, quality of materials, harmony of external design, and location in regards to building lines and topography.  ACC committee members educate homeowners of our deed restrictions and work with homeowners on how they can modify a project to conform to deed restrictions if necessary. Please consider serving on this vital committee!

Skills needed:

  1. Willingness to read and comprehend the deed restrictions and Texas Property Code
  2. Ability to be curious and ask questions / seek clarification
  3. Ability to be interested in preserving the sanctity of our community, yet have a desire to support the community as it evolves (our deed restrictions are over 40 years old and it is natural that the interpretation will change or what is written does not address what communities need to consider today eg. Solar panel installation)
  4. Awareness of home owners rights governed by law
  5. A positive attitude to always do what is right for our community at large 

Current and outgoing committee members will train and onboard new committee members.

Time Commitment:  2-4 hours per month

Commitment Period: 1 year

Please submit your contact information and desire to serve on the ACC committee by March 20, 2023 to secretary@heathlake.org 

February Ladies Night, 2/16

Join us for our February Ladies Night. All women of the neighborhood our very much welcome. In addition to our usual socializing we will have the option of coloring. Come relive your youth and enjoy some wine and good conversation. Jennifer has offered to host this month so we will be at her house (1406 Crystal Hills) on Thursday, February 16th starting at 7pm! Feel free to bring a drink or snack to share.

Next Book Club Meetings

The next meeting of the Heathlake Book club will be March 8th at 7 pm at Shea Nagel’s house, 1102 Lashbrook. We will discuss the book, Night of the Living Rez by Morgan Talty.

Shana Halvorsen will host the April 10th meeting at 1203 Breton Hall. We will choose the next six books we will read and their order.

Mary Puccini