Announcement: Board Meeting January 17, 2022 7:00pm

The Heathlake HOA will have its first board meeting of 2022 this coming Monday, January 17 at 7:00pm at the Clubhouse.

Please see the proposed agenda below.



JANUARY 17, 2022

  1.  Call Meeting to Order – Appoint Meeting Chair
  1. Reading and Approval of Previous Board Minutes
    1. September 22, 2021 General Meeting Minutes
      1. Consider proposed Correction to Minutes
    2. December 1, 2021 Special Board Meeting
  1. Reports of Board Actions Between Meetings
    1. December 3 2021 Slack Vote-Unanimous approval: to repair the outdoor gate by the playground with SecureKey lock. The quoted cost is $595.46.  If we upgrade to a WiFi based system in the future, these repairs are compatible. GIM are the original installers of the SecureKey system were the only ones who could fix the lock that were found.
    2. December 5 2021 Email Vote – Unanimous approval: to decline Members request to call Attorney Dylan Beason at Holt and Young during deed restriction committee meeting regarding interpretation of Bylaws related to recent dues increase
    3. December 24 2021 Slack Vote – Unanimous approval; of annual property insurance payment in the amount of $6,484 to Higgenbotham Insurance.  A comprehensive review of all insurance is planned for 1Q22.
  2. Executive Session Summary
    1. ACC Fence Replacement Appeal
    2. Legal Matters
  3. Election of Board Officers
    1. Nominations and vote for President
    2. Nominations and vote for Vice President
    3. Nominations and vote for Treasurer
    4. Nominations and vote for Secretary
  4. Committee Reports/Updates
    1. ACC – Fred Graves
    2. Deed Restriction & Bylaws – Bruce Nelson
    3. Security – Constable Update – Sara Mammadova
  5. New Business
    1. Motion to Adopt Roberts Rules of Order for conduct of all Board and Member Meetings
    2. Review of Board Member Eligibility
    3. Board Liaison Discussion
    4. Motion to seek legal counsel to affirm that recent dues increase of 10% is not in violation of Deed Restriction provisions
    5. Motion to approve DRC vote solicitation plan including electronic voting, specific tab on website and email solicitation
    6. Motion to set first quarter meeting dates to be February 23rd and March 30th at 6:00 pm at the Clubhouse
    7. Motion to post Agenda on HCA website at least 24 hours before meeting
  6. Announcements/Updates
    1. Bridge Extension Construction – Men’s Club Work Update
    2. Social Club Updates
  7. Motion to Adjourn

Book Club – January 11, 2022

The next meeting of the Heathlake book club will be on Tuesday, January 11 at 7 pm in the clubhouse. We will discuss the suspenseful book: The Last Thing He Told Me: A Novel

Come with ideas for books for the book club to read for the next five months. We will come up a calendar of which book we will read for which month so that others can join us during the year whenever they are available.

Laura Leib

Yard of the Month for December

Congratulations to Charlie and Peggi Stewart for being selected for December Yard of the Month for their lovely light display at 12203 Drakemill.

The entire cul-de-sac of Wilston Court was given honorable mention. Their community spirit was shown in their wonderful decorations.

Laura Leib


There is currently a water outage for most of Heathlake. The City of Houston is currently working on fixing a main water line break along Carriage Hill Drive near the clubhouse. The crew noted it will be about 3 to 4 hours before the water is restored.

2021 Annual Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the 2021 Annual Board Meeting on December 1st are posted and cover a list of what the board and its many volunteers completed in 2021, a story of two Heathlake families, and the vote count from the election for the two board of director positions. The Addendum is the packet handed out at the annual meeting which includes a financial update. 

The minutes are posted under the tab: “News” > “Minutes”

You will need to “sign in” to the website to access the documents.

Heathlake Ladies Christmas Party (December Ladies’ Night)

Join us at the clubhouse, Thursday, December 16th, at 7pm for a WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT EXCHANGE ($10 or less). Feel free to bring your favorite holiday treat to share and wear an ugly sweater if you wish! Happy Holidays Heathlake!!

Holiday Party

The board would like to applaud Evelyn Nordin and her volunteer team for a wonderfully festive and fun Holiday Party on Friday, December 3rd. The decorations were beautiful, the food and snacks tasty, the music and movies joyous, and the camaraderie cheery. Adults and children had a blast. Thanks again to all those who made this possible. Pictures of the event can be seen here

Book Club

The next meeting of the book club is Tuesday, December 14th at 7 p.m. at the clubhouse. The book for this month is Murder at Melrose Court, a 1920s Christmas country house historical murder mystery by Karen Baugh Menuhin. It’s a short, entertaining book that we highly recommend you “read” by listening to the audio book. Bring a drink, holiday cookie, or snack to share if you would like. 

At the January 11th meeting, we will decide on our book picks for the next 6 months. Start thinking of your recommendations now. 

Laura Leib

Board Election Results

The 2021 Heathlake Board Elections were held on December 1st 2021 at the annual meeting. Per Voie and Mary Puccini terms were expiring and Bryant Banes and Bruce Nelson were elected. Their term will be be from Jan. 1 2022 – Dec. 31 2023.

We thank Per and Mary for their dedicated service and welcome Bryant and Bruce to the board.

More detailed election results will be available in the upcoming annual meeting notes.

Annual Meeting Notice Update – From Graham Management

It has come to our attention that the annual meeting notice has a few items we would like to correct.

First item is about the quorum, per the Heathlake By-laws the Association does not have to reach the quorum to conduct the meeting so the notice should not have had this wording on it.

Second item is addressing the language from the Texas Property code that should have been included on the absentee ballot. The language that should have been included and will be on upcoming ballots is of the following:

By casting your vote via absentee ballot, you will forgo the opportunity to consider and vote on any action from the floor on these proposals, if a meeting is held.  This means that if there are amendments to these proposals your votes will not be counted on the final vote on these measures.  If you desire to retain this ability, please attend any meeting in person.  You may submit an absentee ballot and later choose to attend any meeting in person, in which case any in-person vote will prevail.

If you wish to withdraw your absentee ballot please either contact the association manager at or please attend the meeting on Dec 1st to vote in person.

We hope this helps clarify the meeting and absentee ballot received.  If you have any other questions or concerns, please email them to the community manager.

The update above should have come direct to your email inbox from Graham Management, if it did not and you would like to receive these type of updates in the future please share your email with the community manager above.

Holiday Decorations Setup

In preparation for our Heathlake Holiday Party we’d like to invite you to join us at the Clubhouse on Thursday, Dec 2nd at 4:30 to help setup the community Holiday decorations.

As an added bonus, The Men’s club will be meeting later that evening at the clubhouse at 7.

Heathlake Holiday Party!

Join us for our first holiday party on Friday, Dec 3 at 5:30. All are invited. We will have an outdoor movie, food truck, desserts, drinks, s’more, and music. You may want to bring a chair and/or blanket for the movie and drinks to share. This event is free unless you buy from the food truck. See you there!

VOTE – Board Positions & Deed Restriction Amendment

A friendly reminder to every homeowner to vote for the two open board seats. One vote per household, owners only. Do not forget to sign.

Also, do not forget to submit your vote for the proposed Deed Restriction Amendment change.

Both ballots can be submitted the following ways:

  • Mailed to Graham Management at 2825 Wilcrest, Suite 600, Houston, TX 77042
  • Turned in person at the annual meeting December 1, 7:00 pm.

New Website Feature to Reserve Tennis Court, Pickeball Court, or Basketball Court

The Michael H. Solomon Memorial Tennis, Basketball, and Pickleball Courts are available to residents and their guests, including instructors by reservation on the Multi Sport Courts of the Heathlake HOA website. If, however, there are no reservations on the website, courts are available on a first come-first served basis.  If people are waiting to play, please limit your time to 90 minutes. The courts are open for daytime use.  Contact Frank Del Nogal 281-871-8744 with any questions.

It’s best to make a reservation, even if the courts are available when you arrive, to avoid getting bumped.


Oh No, Not More Construction…… Wait, What, Heathlake is The Beneficiary?

We are excited to announce Heathlake’s very own Crystal and Carriage Hill streets were selected by City of Houston Council Member Greg Travis for the Mayor’s Street Rehab Program!! Each District can select up to 2 lane miles of residential streets each fiscal year and Heathlake was Greg Travis’s 2022 selection! We will learn more details as this develops, but it appears we will be receiving a new street in the years to come.

This would not have happened without our selfless neighbors working together to improve our community. We’d like to give a big shout out to Carlton Jones, Susie Trahan, John Trahan, Kathy Clark, Kathleen Shelton, Greg Travis and each of you who filed a 311 report.

This will bring our 2022 street improvement initiative (if we want to give our volunteers hard work a formal name) up to 3 new patches, 1 curb replacement, and 2 road replacements at $0 additional cost to Heathlake.

Constable Patrols in Heathlake

As part of our community service research (post dated November 3), we shared Heathlake was not receiving the number of patrols as expected, and was paying more per home than the average home participating in our co-op. In light of this, further investigation has been done, and we discovered the vast majority of our patrols are done during the day when crime is low. We found this significant since we cannot request patrols at specific times, (we attempted this when repeat disturbances were occurring on Friday and Saturday nights). The reasoning received was patrols are random and meant to keep criminals off guard, and there are not as many deputies on duty in at night in our co-op. The following is a chart displaying patrol activity over the past 245 days for Heathlake (March – October), total of 171 patrols. 

Willing to Share Your Love of Tennis??

Do we have any tennis players that are willing to spend a few days giving tennis lessons to a few neighborhood kids? We have about 5 kids interested in learning. We have no idea of the structure/frequency of lessons. All that can be worked out with whomever is willing to give a bit of their time, even if just for a few group lessons to learn some basics. Anyone interested? Please contact Evelyn Nordin at

November Ladies Night 11/18

Join us Thursday, 11/18, for the November Heathlake Ladies Night. We will be at the clubhouse 7-10pm having a fall party with activities and feel free to bring a fall bite to share!

Call or text Carolyn with any questions (210)867-5394!

HOA Constables and Coop Update

As the board continues to research Heathlake’s Security, we recently confirmed the over-payment and under re-imbursement our association has historically and currently received as a participant in the coop. We are currently working with the Constables and co-op lead to reduce or eliminate this oversight. Due to security being our largest budget item and the disproportionate treatment to Heathlake equating to $11,000-65,000 per year, Security has become our priority (alongside the tax exemption misuse). We will continue to share our research and progress along the way by means of our website and e-blast.

If you missed it in our security update last week, I added a snip-it below from the post Security Research Update

Due to our Security services being our largest expense, ~40% of our budget, extensive research has been done and we’d like to share a few of our findings with you.

  • Heathlake is part of a 11 member HOA Constable co-op.
  • Heathlake is paying for 1 of the 11 deputies in the coop at a cost of $85,000.
  • The co-op states that the members share costs by means of a $ / home.
  • The average cost per home in the co-op for security services is $208 / home.
  • Heathlake contributes $245 / home to the co-op.  (Heathlake is currently receiving a reimbursement of $10,000 from another co-op participating HOA, otherwise it would be $272/home)
  • Heathlake is paying 18% more per home than the average home in the co-op.
  • The participating HOA under our contract makes up 50% of the total calls (and responses) and pays Heathlake 11% of the cost. This is an average over the last 7 months.
  • Heathlake’s contracted deputy patrolled our neighborhood 45% of the time for contract checks. This is an average over the last 7 months. 

The data thus far is painting the picture that Heathlake spends more and receives less than the average homeowner participating in the co-op. Sara, Stephen and the rest of the board are currently working with the Constable, Co-Op and surrounding communities to improve the status quo.