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Heathlake Liaison:  David Hannah, Jr.            

Heathlake has a contract with Harris County Constable Precinct 5 for supplemental police protection.  We belong to a Co-Op of 12 neighborhood associations and each pays for the number of deputies that they request. Heathlake pays for one deputy.  Whenever our assigned deputy is off duty, the other deputies cover his area.  

The Deputies are certified police officers who are licensed by the State of Texas.  They will respond to a call quicker than the Houston Police because the deputies are within our area and are familiar with the streets.
The Constable deputies also provide patrolling of our neighborhoods, a service which HPD no longer provides.

If you have an Emergency, call 911 first, then call the Constable dispatch.

For all routine Police matters, please call the Constable's Dispatch at:


Request a "VACATION WATCH" - click on link:


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