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KIRKWOOD LIFT STATION #3  -  CIP #  R 000536-0021-3
September, 2019 : UPDATE
Pre-Construction meeting -  10/9/2019
Notice to Proceed with Construction - 10/11/2019
Public Engagement meeting -  10/14/2019  10/22/2019
Construction START date -  1/6/2020  5/29/2020
Contract award date changed.... now scheduled for July 24, 2019
Meeting with the community will now be held late August or early September.

June, 2019 : UPDATE - 
Construction contract scheduled to be awarded on June 26th.
The contractor will be given 30 days to get ready for a public meeting... anticipated for
 late July, early Ausgust.


March 28, 2019 :  Contract Bids
Boyer, Inc.                                                    $ 12,830,688.00
BRH-Garver Construction, L.P.                       13,507,081.00
FUSED Industries, LLC                                    14,595,000.00
Vadanais Trenchless Services, Inc.                16,400,195.00
Thalle Construction Co., Inc.                          17,005,979.82
Super Excavators, Inc.                                    23,497,704.00


February, 2019 :  Construction scheduled to start in the Fall, 2019.
A public meeting will be held in late May, early June to answer questions regarding the project.

Variance to change the pipeline route along Lashbrook was approved by the City Public Works Engineers, Harris County Flood Control District and Precinct 3 park officials. The route will now turn west on Maple Rock to the park trail. 

BFSN letter to Harris County Commissioner Radack in support of variance -
March 2016           See letter  -  CLICK HERE

Update letter to Heathlake residents  -  March 1, 2016
See letter  -  CLICK HERE

EXPLANATION from City Council Member Oliver Pennington  -  March 2015
See letter - 

Email Notice to Heathlake residents :  February 7, 2015
The City Public Works Department is going to eliminate the sewer water Lift Station on S. Kirkwood (between the Bayou and Carriage Hill) and funnel the sewer to a new location just east of Dairy Ashford.  There are 4 options for this project.... please see below attachment.  There was a meeting on Friday in which the Consultants have recommended Option 2... tunneling along Carriage Hill to Lashbrook and all along Lashbrook to the County flood control grounds... see Report below.

If anyone has specific questions and is interested in having a meeting with these consultants, you must communicate with Mark Kirschke - contact info below.

At the Technical Review Committee (TRC) meeting, the Consultants outlined the
need for replacement of this facility.  First, the cost projections showed it would be $12MM more to rehab this facility than to divert it to Harvest Moon.  Even if the City had money to waste, it could not ve rehabbed under TECQ rules and regulations.  The Control Building and Electrical is not the required height above the 500 year flood elevation.  Many of the components are no longer functioning at this facility. 
The odor control equipment (Ferrous sulfate chemical feed system) is not in working order; safety grating/netting is missing at the wet well hatches; exterior lighting is inadequate (that could be easily fixed); there have been 2 major SSOs (sanitary sewer overflows) in the last 12 months due to electrical failures at the lift station.
In all, there have been 96 SSOs over the last 10 years; many of the emergency equipment is missing or no longer functioning (quick-connect mechanism for transfer switch).  Also, the wet well is no longer compliant with TCEQ regulations in many respects:  the invert of the gravity pipe is not above the liquid level of the pumps' "on" setting, wet well volume is too small, the 15" diameter passive wet well vent is undersized, the slope of the wet well floor is not greater than 10% as required, and it is missing its anti-vortex baffling.  Thus, they are unable to rehab the facility and will choose to divert it.

The Project Scope of Work includes completing an evaluation of the consolidation
plan to eliminate the Kirkwood #3 Lift Station to the new Harvest Moon Lift Station
via 42" gravity relief sewer along Buffalo Bayou.  It also includes the detail review
and assessment of existing conditions, hydraulics, real estate, easements, alignments, constructions costs, life-cycle cost analysis, constructabilty, sustainability, communtiy impacts/opposition.

The alternatives for Kirkwood #3 lift station faciity evaluated under this contract
are as follows:

                                                                                                 Total Cost ($)
1.  Alternative 1: Lift Station Elimination by Route 1   -   $14,158,000.00
2.  Alternative 2: Lift Station Elimination by Route 2   -       9,802,000.00
3.  Alternative 3: Lift Station Elimination by Route 3   -     14,663,000.00
4.  Alternative 4: Lift Station Elimination by Route 4   -     21,029,000.00

The Consultant is recommending 'Elimination Alternative Route 2', which will proceed down Carriage Hill Drive, up Lashbrook, then out under County Flood Control property to the Harvest Moon.  There are 2 private homes the City would need to secure easements from, as well as from the HCFCD.  They would be tunneling at 40-50 feet below surface.  The consultant is going to walk the area and identify the one area
where their work will be obvious (the pit they have to create to put in a manhole
to be able to get down into the hole to service and maintain it).  There are currently utility easements in the yards of all the homes on the Bayou side of Lenny Lane. 
As part of this project, those easements would be plugged and abandoned, so
those homeowners will no longer be subject to the City's easement.

After discussing all options, Alternative 2 was APPROVED for implementation by the Technical Review Committee.

The Consultants are very agreeable to holding a meeting to answer specific questions and allowing people to understand the proposed plans.  Let me know your thoughts.

Mark F. Kirschke
Director of Communications
Oliver Pennington, Houston City Council Member District G
http://www.houstontx.gov/council/g/  (Website)

January 21, 2015

Notice of a TRC meeting scheduled for the Lift Station Project.
LaQuista Ellegan, Engineering Branch

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