Security Update – Co-op Info, Audit Results, Alternatives

Below is the information displayed on the one pager given out at Heathlake’s Community Security Informational Session on Friday, February 11.

Constable Co-Op Info
The current law enforcement contract with Precinct 5 ONLY includes PRIVATE PATROLS. Response to emergencies are still intact. 

– Heathlake is part of a 11 member HOA constable co-op (for patrols)

  • –  This co-op is a gentlemen’s agreement between the neighborhoods in how the precinctdeploys their deputies as they patrol
  • –  This gentleman’s agreement is managed by one person
  • –  Heathlake pays for 1 of the 11 patrol deputies at $85,000/year (80%) of deputies time
  • –  The only signed contract we have is the one deputy we finance through Harris County, onlyfor patrols
  • –  The co-op states the members share costs by means of $/home. Average cost being $208/home
  • –  Heathlake pays an average of $245/home (which includes an adjustment of a reimbursement from another co-op participating neighborhood of $10,000/year; without adjustment it would be $272/home)
  • –  Heathlake pays 18% more per home than the average home in the co-op
  • –  Heathlake contracts 80% of one deputy

– It was discovered through Heathlake co-op financial audit, Heathlake was not being paid as stated for sharing contract deputy

  • –  Heathlake stated to be paid 20% of contract value for 20% of deputies time from anotherco-op participant
  • –  Upon analyzing reports, co-op participant received 50% of Heathlake’s deputy time
  • –  Heathlake was under paid through 2015 confirmed loss of $81,130 and as far back as1980s, potentially a loss of $606,000
  • –  Heathlake negotiated additional payments from co-op
  • –  2021 mutually agreed reimbursement did not arrive in mutually agreed upon deadlines
  • –  Heathlake gave 30 day notice when payments did not arrive
  • –  Reimbursement of $12,664 arrived in December 2021

Constable Patrol Statistics and Findings from 2021

  • 77% patrols happened during the day
  • 30% of days had no patrol activity
  • Heathlake was unable to prioritize what day/time patrols were to occur
  • Vacation watch is included in contract

Data over 245 days 171 total patrols


Private Patrol Info – $30/hour

  • Flexibility in when and how long we want coverage
  • Can detain persons of interest/criminals while police are en route – Armed and professionally trained in firearm handling/management – Can more easily negotiate contract terms

Cameras monitor the entrances to the community

  • –  If a car is flagged by Prct 5/HPD, police are notified immediately of vehicle and can dispatch immediately
  • –  $7,200/year for 3 cameras ($350/camera one time install cost) = $15,450 total for 2 year contract
  • –  Data is stored for 30 days, rolling basis
  • –  Data accessible to designated security liaison and local law enforcement branches
  • –  Immediate access to data
  • –  Residents can opt out of data collection (camera will not store info from registered vehicle)
  • –  All maintenance and software covered under contract
  • –  Solar powered
  • –  90% reduction in reported package theft
  • –  60% crime reduction in Cobb County, GA