ACC Committee Nominations

Calling for nominations for the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).  The HOA board will appoint the ACC committee members from that candidate list at the next board meeting, which is March 22, 2023.

The ACC Committee is a vital role to our community.  The ACC committee works independently from the HOA board in that no board member (nor board member’s spouse) may serve on the ACC committee.  ACC members review and approve any architectural construction/  improvement plans submitted by homeowners to ensure compliance with deed restrictions, quality of materials, harmony of external design, and location in regards to building lines and topography.  ACC committee members educate homeowners of our deed restrictions and work with homeowners on how they can modify a project to conform to deed restrictions if necessary. Please consider serving on this vital committee!

Skills needed:

  1. Willingness to read and comprehend the deed restrictions and Texas Property Code
  2. Ability to be curious and ask questions / seek clarification
  3. Ability to be interested in preserving the sanctity of our community, yet have a desire to support the community as it evolves (our deed restrictions are over 40 years old and it is natural that the interpretation will change or what is written does not address what communities need to consider today eg. Solar panel installation)
  4. Awareness of home owners rights governed by law
  5. A positive attitude to always do what is right for our community at large 

Current and outgoing committee members will train and onboard new committee members.

Time Commitment:  2-4 hours per month

Commitment Period: 1 year

Please submit your contact information and desire to serve on the ACC committee by March 20, 2023 to