Summary of 2022 Outlook and 2023 Preliminary Budget

I have attached a PowerPoint presentation shown at the September 21 meeting as well as a pdf that shows a bit more detail.

While no one wants to pay more than necessary, the thinking  behind a need for a higher annual fee follow:

  • While we will likely be able to increase our Capital reserves this year slightly. This is the result of
    • the reduction in patrol costs by moving to State Patrol private security
    • and, n spite of the unanticipated need to replace the clubhouse roof, 
  • Capital Reserves have been on a general downward trend over recent years. We need to build the reserves to avoid having one-time assessments when unexpected problems occur.  
    • We currently have a real need to repair/replace much of the fencing in the clubhouse/pool area.  Bruce Nelson has been working on defining the costs. The original estimate of about $19, 000 was included in the latest Budget Proposal. It now appear that the estimate may need to be increased by about $4,000. The next version of the proposed budget will reflect this increase.
    • Many of you may have noticed the uneven floor of the clubhouse. I am sure you are aware of the uneven floor in the clubhouse floor.  We really aren’t exactly sure of the nature of the problem.  However,  I have included an arbitrary cost of $8k for next year.  
    • As you know the air-conditioning system is long past its expiration date.  It is likely to fail at any time.  I have not included anything for its replacement next year, though maybe we should.
    • As the facilities age there will likely be a need to repair or replace many things.  James Healy will be heading up a committee to investigate the future needs as well as capital improvements the community might want.  Please contact Jim or a board member if you would like to participate in this work.
  • Right now, we are up in the air as to what we may have to do with respect to landscaping at the Kirkwood entrance.  An arbitrary amount of about $4k is included to cover whatever we can’t get the COH to cover.  The amount is uncertain at this time.
  • Our neighborhood is showing signs of improvement that reflect an attitude of residents who care.  This can be attributed to projects like the Cul de Sac Landscaping upgrades along with other projects pushed though by our volunteers.

Let me know if you have questions.