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Trash Notifications from Texas Pride

If you would like to get direct email notifications from Texas Pride about service interruptions, you can register on their website. Here is the link: https://www.texaspridedisposal.com/service-notification-enrollment.html

Message from Texas Pride Disposal

The following is a message received from Texas Pride Disposal: We apologize for the inconvenience, but we had to make a last-minute operational decision to suspend tomorrow’s recycling routes due to several […]

Tree Trimming Proposal

The following is the proposal for tree trimming developed by Carlton Jons and various contractors. Shown here is the proposal from Kennedy, who were armed the work.

Cul de Sac Renovation

The following is the Landscaping renovation proposal from Zodega. It describes the proposed renovation of 7 Cul de Sacs and some minor repairs. The repairs and three of the Cul […]

Celebrating Fred Rummell

As many of you may know, Fred Rummell, one of our longtime residents and an overall good guy, passed away last Wednesday, March 23.  Fred leaves behind his wife of […]

HOA Dues Comparison Research

We have focused on keeping the dues low for many years.  In my opinion, this has led to the lack of adequate maintenance and infrastructure improvements.  These, in turn, have […]